Native Union Switch Speaker Has A Really Big Knob



Another day, another awesome-looking Bluetooth speaker WHICH I TOTALLY WANT. Today’s chunky rectangle of wireless audio goodness is the Switch from Native Union, and it has one distinguishing feature: a big round volume knob on one end.

That knob can be on the side or the top of the speaker, depending on whether you use it flat on on it’s end (the Jambox also works great placed upright like this: it’s how I use it in the bathroom and kitchen now).

The Switch gives you 14 hours of audio playback time, has a power switch inside the big volume dial and can also be used as a speakerphone. Otherwise, it’s the same old USB-charged oblong speaker we’ve been seeing since the Jambox first appeared. It’s also £129, or $200, and available now in one of several dull colors.

Source: Native Union