Scoshe Unveils New Lightning Accessories, Including A Retractable 3-Foot Cable


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For awhile we were in a drought period for Lightning accessories. No one was making anything for the iPhone 5, latest iPod touch, and newest iPads. Now everyone is starting to sell accessories and peripherals that work with Apple’s newest dock connector.

Scoshe is the latest to hop on board with its new lineup of Lightning chargers and cables.

There’s a 12W car charger called the strikeDRIVE that’s selling for $30. The design makes the charger sit flush with the rest of your car’s dash when connected. There’s also a 5W version that will charge slower for $25. Scoshe is also selling a black wall charger in two versions: 12W for $35 and 5W for $30.

The most interesting Lightning accessory from Scoshe is its strikeLINE pro, a retractable USB to Lightning cable with a 3-foot coil. It costs $25. This isn’t the cheap, knock-off kind of retractable cable; Scoshe is approved by Apple.

Source: Scoshe

  • bondr006

    The retractable cable is cool, but the wall charger and car charger suck. They should be USB, not hardlined. If the attached cable gets damaged, the whole thing is trashed.

  • RaptorOO7

    This is the ideal Lightning cable, small footprint, retractable, and fits in your pocket well for car, work and on the go use.