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Australia Is Killing 1,300 iMac G4s After They Lasted A Full Decade


Steve Jobs unveiling the iMac G4 at Macworld 2002

The 2002 iMac G4 is one of our favorite Apple products ever. It had a dramatic design that no one had ever tried by emulating the sunflowers growing in Steve Jobs’ backyard.

Apple discontinued the iMac G4 in 2004, but thanks to Apple’s solid build quality and engineering, a herd of over 1,300 iMac G4’s have lasted a full decade in the service of Australia’s Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) offices. Sadly, they’re getting thrown away and replaced by Acers.

Back in 2004, the RTA’s chief information officer Greg Carvouni made an unusual decision to implement the 1,300 iMac G4s in the RTA offices. The move was actually a pretty big story in Australian tech news because no one in Australia had gotten behind the Mac in such a major way.

Carvouni has since left his post as chief information officer, but the 1,300 iMacs have stuck around even after the RTA merged with the Roads and Maritime Authority.

New Acer terminals will replace the 1,300 aging iMacs because they’ve started to reach the end of their usefulness. We think they’re probably still more useful that a bunch of crappy Acer terminals, but if the RTA wants to send us a few beat up iMac G4s, we’ll be happy to take them off their hands and make them into something nice.

Source: iTNews

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