Steve Jobs Once Gave This Guy A New Porsche For Selling Just 125 Macs



Steve Jobs wasn’t known as the most generous man in the world. While working at Atari, he recurited Wozniak to build a version of Pong in a weekend, then lied about how much money was involved and stole the majority of it from his best friend in the world. And when Pixar was just starting up, he’d fire people without any notice and without any severance.

There’s at least one guy out there, though, who thinks Steve Jobs is the most generous guy in the world. In fact, Jobs once gave him a Porsche as a reward for selling the most Macs in the United States. That number? A paltry one hundred and twenty five.

The man in question is ex-Apple executive Craig Elliott, who at the age of 23, was working at a computer shop.

His life was changed when he became particularly adept at selling the Mac, which had just debuted. He received a letter telling him that he had sold more Macs than anyone else in the United States, and asking him to visit Cupertino, CA.

“I had dinner with Steve Jobs, spent a week with the Apple executives and Steve gave me a Porsche.” But when Steve asked how many Macs Elliott had sold, it almost turned ugly.

“Jobs was like, ‘Oh my god! That’s all? That’s pathetic!” Elliott recalls. “I leaned over and said, ‘Steve, remember, I’m your best guy.’ Jobs said, ‘Oh, you’re right.’ And for the rest of the dinner we had a really nice time.”

Jobs later offered Elliott a job, and he worked at Apple for a decade. Oh, and he also got one sweet ride out of the deal.

Source: Business Insider