You’ll Never Guess What Sony Wants To Call Their New Gaming Tablet


The Sony EyePad.
The Sony PlayStation EyePad.

Sony is currently experimenting with a tablet-style PlayStation controller, which according to Slashgear would allow for “dynamic 3D motion control and virtual buttons for gaming and other purposes.” They’re even trying to patent it.

It looks like cool hardware, similar to the capabilities of the Wii U console, which was, of course, Nintendo’s answer to the tablet craze that Apple started back in 2010.

So far, so good. Want to take a guess, though, what Sony wants to call their iPad clone?

That’s right. According to Gamechup, who broke the story, Sony has internally coded it the “PlayStation EyePad.”

You can’t make this stuff up. Hell’s bells, Sony. Talk about wearing your creative ineptitude inspiration on your sleeve.

Source: Free Patents Online
Via: Slashgear