New Luvvitt Ultra-Thin iPad Keyboard Comes With Fruity-Colored Backlighting And Lots Of Juice



When we spotted Luvvitt’s backlit Ultrathin iPad mini keyboard cover last month at CES, Luvvitt CEO Eli Altaras told us we’d see a version for the iPad at some point. It’s just popped up on Luvvitt’s website, packing the same rainbow backlighting as the mini version, in the same ultra-light profile. And it’s got a beefed-up battery to boot.

Altaras says Luvvitt’s Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is the thinnest and lightest out there, and that its 800 mAh battery stores enough juice for months of use between charges, even using the backlight (we’re assuming fairly moderately). The keyboard is equipped with magnetic hinges on one side to keep it attached to your iPad as a cover when not in use. To use the keyboard, just pull it off and drop the iPad into a magnetic slot; a wedge also pops up to support the iPad.

Add the ability to choose between seven different backlight colors and you’ve got what sounds like a sudden contender for champion iPad keyboard. Oh, and it’s only $90, less expensive than most keyboard cases — even non-backlit ones. Fits all iPads except the original.