Interview: Creator Of Augmented-Reality App “Nude It” Clip Bares All


By now you’ve probably seen the viral clip for the Nude It app originally posted at (if you haven’t, brush off that cave dust and watch it now).

The clip shows a mind-blowing iPhone app being used that employs augmented reality to de-clothe unwitting victims being viewed through the iPhone’s camera. Seems like great idea, judging by the 650,000-plus hits the clip has garnered in the five weeks it’s been up on YouTube.

Cult of Mac spoke briefly with the the clip’s creator, Michael Krivicka, a video editor living in NYC.

CoM: How many hits has your page, had so far?
It’s way past a million hits so far. It took just about a month to get to one million.

CoM:How many of those people have asked for the app?
Probably in the thousands. People have offered money. I get emails saying ‘hey, I’ll give you $50 I can download.’ Sometimes i just get emails with a dollar sign. It’s pretty entertaining.

CoM: What possessed you to create it?
I wanted some kind of promotion for my blog. I came across so much stuff about the iPhone, and augmented reality in particular. I had no idea it was going to go this far.

CoM: Does it work as well as those 50’s x-ray specs?
NudeIt is made up. I’m not sure how to answer that.

CoM: Blast. So, it’s not real?
No, it’s a fake app.

CoM: What d’you think makes it so successful?
It gives something for people to think about. It sparks the interest.

CoM: Seriously, it’s a great app — how do we get our hands on a copy?
I wish it would be real, I would send you a link.