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Video Head: Helmets With Sports Cameras Inside



Why wear a helmet and a camera when you go skateboarding/snowboarding/waterboarding/other? With the Video Head helmet you get both gadgets in one. Cheaper, safer and more -in-one-er.

Now, if you’re jumping out of a plane then you probably want a better helmet and a better camera, but for kids messing around on half-pipes, the $55 30fps VGA camera will do the trick. Until they try to watch the footage on anything better than the old 1990s-era PC in the basement.

Thankfully there will also be 720p ($120) and 1080p ($200) versions available when the range launches (“soon”). The controls are mounted on the side of the helmet, and the camera can be adjusted through four different angles.

In fact, this mightn’t be a bad idea for regular bike commuting. Just switch it on before every trip and record. And when that moron in the BMW swings over into the bike lane, you’ll have him on camera. The idiot. I hate that guy.

Source: Video Head

Via: Andrew Liszewski