Ouch! Apple Makes More Money From iPhone Accessories & Apps Than Competitors Do Selling Phones [Chart]



Here’s an illuminating chart by Horace Dediu. Check out how big Apple’s iTunes and iPhone accessory revenues are, compared to the entire mobile phone revenue of pretty much every smartphone manufacturer except Samsung. It easily dwarves them. Maybe these guys should stop making smartphones and start making iPhone accessories?

Source: Asymco

  • Dynamitejet

    “dwarves them”? Turns them into dwarfs? Crikey!

  • FilthyMacNasty

    Yet the mainstream media keeps telling us that Apple is doomed?

    How do these people even function?

  • Cortney Sauk

    That’s the most stupid graph I have EVERY seen… OF COURSE accessories and Apps out pace phones! If you take any accessory and put in place against the main object it will always make more. It’s how companies make most of their money, just look at Monster Cable which is sold at over 200% above cost, while TV’s are often on sale below cost.

    This is comparing apples to oranges and is completely useless. Not to say Apple doesn’t own the shit out of their App Store and Accessories, it’s just comparing two entirely different things.