Smarter Stand For iPhone Combines Kickstand With Cord-Wrangler [Kickstarter]



The Smarter Stand for iPhone really is smart. It was designed to solve two problems: tangled earbud cords and a slab-like iPhone which insists on slipping off anything you try to prop it against. And it does all this whilst remaining a flat, pocketable piece of plastic.

The $12 widget looks – at first glance – like any other plastic stick for wrangling stray cables, with a notch at each end for cord-wrapping purposes. But with the addition of one clever channel, it turns into a kickstand.

The channel hugs the headphone jack and uses it as a pivot and fixing point to prop up the iPhone. When you swing in back, the body of the stand is shaped to rest against the iPhone’s edge and prop the whole thing up.


It’s so neat, and so minimal that you could keep it attached to your phone all the time, or at the very least use it as a permanent pocketable home for your troublesome, tangle-prone easrbuds.

The Smarter Stand is currently a Kickstarter pitch, but as it has already raised two thirds of its $15,000 goal just a day after launch (there are 59 days left to go), you can be confident that it’ll make it into production.

Source: Kickstarter