Learn To Code CSS For Free [Freebie]


CoM - Code School

Literature and videos can only take you so far when learning. Code School incorporates hands-on coding practice in an actionable video course that will have you creating front-end CSS you can be proud of. And the best part: it’s free thanks to Cult of Mac Deals.

Here’s how this course breaks down:

  1. LEVEL 1 – FOUNDATION: An introduction to Sass, imports, comments, and nesting.
  2. LEVEL 2 – VARIABLE: Creation and use of recallable information.
  3. LEVEL 3 – MIXING: Writing reusable styles mixed with optional arguments.
  4. LEVEL 4 – EXTEND: Easily manage CSS class reuse and inheritance in the stylesheet, rather than HTML.
  5. LEVEL 5 – DIRECTIVE: A primer on the programmatic tools in Sass, including functions and each loops.
  6. LEVEL 6 – MATH + COLOR: Perform arithmetic and color alterations directly to stylesheet values.
  7. LEVEL 7 – RESPONSIVE: Simplify and optimize your responsive design workflow via Sass.

With this course, you’ll learn simply by doing. There’s no setup and no hassle….just learning.

Get this Cult of Mac Deals freebie now – and start the road to CSS coding prowess today!

  • NoobianGod

    Or not… “We are sorry but this promotion has ended.” is what I got even with it saying there is 4 more days to redeem this freebie. LAME!

  • cmink79

    same here, promotion ended???

  • Joe Streno

    Yup … same thing here. Promo ended. That’s misleading.

  • Mark_Hunte

    Ok. Is this is a complete load of B*llx or what. I get “We are sorry but this promotion has ended.”

  • Wirehedd

    Seeing as the promo is ended and still trying to get people posting or tweeting that they got it, which didn’t happen, I’m expecting a “sponsored tweet” fee from these asshats now because unless they are providing a service I WILL NOT give them free publicity. As such I’m retweeting that they ripped off the people they made the offer toward and are doing so for the purposes of free, undeserved and misleading advertising. When they send me a code and an apology I will stop but until they these guys are lying scum.

  • nthnm

    I don’t get that it has ended, but it has sold out.

  • MartyS

    I registered for this class on the first day it was listed here, and had the same “no go” experience as others. I had to go back to the confirmation email today and click the link for “View Order Details” and following thru got signed into the Code School site — with the SASS class showing. Twas a pain, but it seems to now have worked out for me.