Adobe Releases Emergency Flash Update To Avoid Attack On Macs


Apple has crippled Flashback significantly, and the number of infected users is dropping rapidly.
There's a new trojan horse attack on Mac

We’ve been hoping for a quick and painful death to Flash for a while now. It’s been slowly coming, but we’re getting closer to the day of no longer needing the crash crazy, disease injecting plugin.

Flash is still everywhere though even if you don’t want it to be, and it’s still causing problems. Adobe announced yesterday that they’re releasing an emergency patch for Patch player to fix vulnerabilities that are being exploited to install malware on Apple’s Macintosh platform.

Ars Technica reports that both OS X and Windows are under attack in the latest Flash malware exploits, but Adobe is updating Flash for Linux and Android as well. So unless you’re running like Chrome OS or Mac OS System 9, you should probably install the flash update as soon as possible.

On the Mac side of the exploit, the attacks target Safari users and Mozilla’s Firefox – it looks like Chrome is safe right now. The vulnerability is titled CVE-2013-0634, and it’s tricking users into opening a booby-trapped Microsoft Word document that has some malicious Flash content inside to mess with your precious Mac.

The latest version of Flash for OS X, v. 11.5.502.149 will fix all known vulnerabilities. You can grab the update right here. If you’re using Flash in Chrome for Mac then it will be updated automatically.


Source: Ars Technica