Stitcher Radio For iOS Gets Topic Search Feature, Performance Improvements



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2 responses to “Stitcher Radio For iOS Gets Topic Search Feature, Performance Improvements”

  1. Derek Schlicker says:

    I get that Stitcher is really simple and useful from the end-user perspective, but I really hate the fact that podcasts don’t get credit for dl’s or listens if they listen to the podcast via Stitcher. Until that changes I won’t use the app. Downcast and Instacast are much more useful IMO for podcasting anyway.

  2. rudyray says:

    Actually Derek, that is not the case re: credit for podcasters.
    Podcaster has access to a dashboard to dls and listening info. Or they can choose to have their shows served differently.
    On another note: this update is awesome! Searching audio by topic is a gamechanger. I am loving this.

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