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Use Now-Free Penultimate iPad App To Store And Access Your Notes Everywhere [iOS Tips]


My iPad is now complete.
My iPad is now complete.

I’ve used iPad notepad app, Penultimate, since I’ve owned an iPad, and I bought an iPad 1 on day, well, one. I love the idea of keeping several Moleskine-type notebooks on my iPad to carry around with me.

That’s when I have my iPad. Sometimes, I don’t. Or I have my iPad mini. Or my iPhone. Or just my Mac (I’m spoiled, I know). That’s when I use Evernote, so I can take notes on any of these devices and have them accessible on any of the others.

When I found out that Penultimate is now both free and syncs with Evernote, I knew I had to share with you how to get it all set up so you could have the joy that is synced Evernote Penultimate notes!

Head over to the App Store and download Penultimate for free. Launch it on your iPad with a tap, and you’ll notice a big difference right away. This Penultimate is powered by Evernote from the get go, so tap on Sign In if you already have an Evernote account, or Create Account if you don’t and sign up.

Once logged into your Evernote account, tap on the “Welcome to Penultimate” notebook and swipe along the bottom toolbar to navigate through the pages of this special tutorial notebook. You’ll learn how to change pen shape, colors, and erase stuff in a notebook, select, copy, and paste stuff around the notebooks, browse thumbnails of all your pages in the notebook, and search your notebooks, even handwritten notes.

Now, open up Evernote on your iPhone or Mac, and log in. You’ll see that there’s a new Notebook in there, and it’s called, funnily enough, Penultimate. Open that one with a click, and you’ll see the tutorial notebook, and any other notes or notebooks you’ve created since. Slick, right?

There’s no reason now not to use Penultimate, especially now it’s powered by Evernote and is totally free. Did I mention free? Go grab it and let me know how great you think it is in the comments below.

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