PylePro Soundbar Is A Brutalist Bluetooth Blaster



Forget about lame-o portable Bluetooth speakers for your iDevices and take a look at this monster instead. It’s the PylePro soundbar, and it’ll sit up on your wall and blast 300 (three hundred) watts of sound into your living room.

I love my Jambox, and the assorted Jambox variants that litter my apartment for testing purposes, but sometimes I just want to jack things up and really piss off the neighbors. For that, I will need something like the PylePro, which combines the convenience of an oversized BT speaker with the punch of a mains-powered stereo.

You can beam Bluetooth from your iPhone or iPad, or you can explore some other options: USB hard drives can be hooked straight up, and almost anything can be plugged into the various phone (aux) and jack sockets.

The PylePro contains five speakers, has a remote control and can output 150W RMS, which is likely louder than anything in your house (unless you are the proud owner of a screaming baby).

The price? A very reasonable $138, which is exactly what happens when you don’t need to squeeze everything into a tiny, battery-powered box. Available now, with one on its way to Cult of Mac HQ for rigorous testing (and neighbor annoying).

Source: Pyle

Thanks: Andrew!