Farming Simulator 2013 Crops Up at The Mac App Store, Now with Multiplayer



I grew up on a farm, and it wasn’t exactly a riot — so I’m surprised anyone would want to simulate farm-life for fun. Then again, we never had a 10-ton Lamborghini tractor. And if we did, I probably wouldn’t have been allowed near it.

Anyway, that’s exactly the sort of thing you can tool around in with Farming Simulator 2013, the latest in a long line of Farming Simulator titles, which just hit the Mac App Store today.

Get yourself into all kinds of wild trouble: harvest crops, take care of farm animals — and then sell everything when you’ve had enough of the mooing and the cow poop. There’s considerable detail in the new version, including lots of big, big tractors, a wide variety of crops such as sugar beet and potatoes, and chicken and sheep to run after, as they plod blindly through all kinds of foul muck in an effort to ruin your day. That last bit’s probably not in the game, it’s just a flashback.

There’s even a multiplayer mode that lets you manage a farm with nine other farmers, online or locally. FS 2013 is $28.

  • njbmartin

    Also available on SteamPlay. No news posted, but it’s just appeared in my games list and on the store page:

  • calvin_kf_so

    I swear, whenever Achievement Hunter plays a game, it becomes popular. It just fact.