Apple Promotes Indie Authors In iTunes With Breakout Books



Apple has today introduced a new featured section to the U.S. iTunes Store called “Breakout Books,” which offers a hand-picked collection of self-published iBooks from emerging talents. New books are added “as the begin taking off,” according to the Cupertino company, helping you quickly discover your next great read.

The Breakout Books section previously launched in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom, according to paidContent. But it makes its debut in the U.S. today. It’s primarily focused on genre fiction, and there are separate sections for romance, sci-fi/fantasy, and mystery/thriller.

Although Apple insists the selection is “hand-picked,” it’s believed that the books in this section are primarily chosen on how well they’re selling.

According to Mark Coker, the founder of self-publishing book company Smashwords who wrote about the Breakout Book section on his blog, 54 of the 64 titles included in it were distributed by his company. Apple is now the largest retailer for Smashwords books, which aren’t available on the rival Kindle Store.

Source: Apple

Via: paidContent

  • KMartinGardner

    Great article, Killian. It is coming up high on Google with a search of “apple’s new indie author service.” I am an independent author on Kindle, and I have been looking for other publishing outlets. Thanks!