Røde smartLav Is Not A Self-Cleaning Toilet



Lavalier: When I first heard the word I though it was a kind of horseback warrior who would also come soap your back when you were showering, but it turned out to be a handy clip-on remote mic. And now Rode (or RØDE, as it somewhat annoyingly insists on being called) has a lavalier mic which works with your iOS device. It’s called the smartLav, and it doubles as a self-cleaning toilet. (Kidding!)

The smartLav hooks into the iPhone’s (or other iDevice’s) headphone jack and sucks sound waves in through a little omni-directional bubble on the other end. Clip this to your lapel or collar with the included mounting clip, and minimize popping plosives with the foam pop shield.

The mic can record straight into apps like GarageBand, or you can use Rode’s own Rec app, which will also let you share straight to SoundCloud or Dropbox.

Want one? It’ll be just $60 when it goes on sale, any time now. That’s cheap enough that you can mic up every member of the cast of your lame Star Wars remake. What’s that? It’s not lame? I’m sorry – I mistook you for George Lucas for a moment…

Source: RØDE

  • Lee Hammond

    Lavalier or ‘Lav’ mikes are well-known in the audio/video/broadcast world. As is RØDE.

  • drew5617

    Excited about this product. But this “review” is awful. So much ignorance and terrible jokes… As Lee said, lavaliere mics are pretty well known, and Røde is an incredibly well-respected brand.