Snap A Photo Without Pausing Your Video Recording On Your iPhone [iOS Tips]


video snap

Sometimes when you’re shooting a video with your iPhone, you might want to snap a quick still photo of whatever you’re recording, right? You might think you’d need to stop recording the video, tap on the toggle button to switch the iPhone back to still photo mode, and then snap, but you’d be wrong (I was, when I thought that.)

Turns out you don’t need to do anything so convoluted. Here’s how.

When shooting your video, you might come upon a moment you want to snap a still image of. Simply look for the camera icon in the lower left of your iPhone screen, and tap it. Boom–you’ll get a still photo saved to your Camera Roll in the same resolution as the video you’re shooting, so don’t plan on the full eight megapixel high-resolution photo you’re used to seeing from the still camera. You’ll still be able to access it the way you would any other photo on your iPhone, though.

Sadly, you iPad video recorders are out of luck, as this only works on the iPhone and iPod touch. I tested this on an iPhone 5, an iPad mini, and an iPad 3–only the iPhone had the little camera icon. I wonder why?

Anyway, that’s how you can get a still photo without having to stop your video shoot. Nice, huh?

Via: OS X Daily

  • bobafet22

    It doesn’t work on iPods. Did you test it on 5th gen iPods?

  • adtaffe

    I don’t have this on my 5g touch either.

  • mbconwell

    Is this an iPhone 5 only feature? I don’t see this icon on my 4s

  • Poncho A. Salas

    It doesn’t work on the iPhone 4s either.

  • HunterD

    I think this is an iPhone 5-only feature. It worked for me.

  • Steven Quan

    I can confirm it works for 5th gen iPod Touch. Press the vol up/down key while filming video. It will activate the shutter and take picture while filming video! Enjoy! :)

  • simonyan

    I think it’s the “tall” iOS devices only. This is not working on my 4S.

  • Guest

    Not for iPhone 4

  • Shasha789

    not exactly “LOWER LEFT” it depends on how your holding the phone…but it is a logo of a can still see it whichever way your holding.