Dropbox Adds Photo Albums, Obviates Picasa, Challenges Photo Stream



Dropbox’s new Albums feature, rolling out over the next few weeks, lets you share your photos and videos way more easily that you could before. Think of it as kind of a Shared Photo Stream, only anyone can use it, not just iOS6 users.

Albums is launching in tandem with web previews, which will let you preview a document right there on the Dropbox website before opening it or sending it off into the world. It’s a lot like Quick Look for the web.

But it’s the Albums which have me excited. You could always share images and videos, but you’d have to do it one at a time, or share a whole folder. Bor-ing.

Now you can go through any number of folders in your Dropbox and check photos (and videos) as you go. Then, you can share all of them together. The recipient will see them as one album, no matter how far they are scattered across your Dropbox.

You can also see these albums in your own Dropbox, making it a very viable alternative to Apple’s own Photo Stream, or even things like Flickr or Picasa.

As ever, the service is free to users, although if you’re going to start piling pictures into your Dropbox you might want to upgrade.

Source: The Dropbox Blog

  • drew5617

    When it comes to online storage for photos, I prefer Picasa over any other alternative. The pricing with Picasa is fantastic. You can get 20GB of storage for like $5 a year! Can’t beat that.