Evernote Hello Now Scans Business Cards, Look Up Info Online



Along with Evernote’s big Penultimate announcement yesterday came another big update. Evernote Hello, the person-remembering app, is now at version 2.0. It adds two great features: business-card scanning and a tie-in with social networks.

Yes, you’ve seen both these before, but not quite as slick as this.

Business-card scanning apps riddle the App Store like maggots riddle a delicious, ripe Mimolette cheese. But Evernote not only has lots of experience in extracting words from photos, it is also pretty good at scanning paper notes with your iPhone’s camera.

Put these together and you get accurate scans which will fill out the details of your new acquaintances in the app. And then things get really neat…

Thanks to integration with Twitter, Linkedin and that other network, Hello can take the info it just read from that business card and look up the rest of your new contact’s details. It’ll store the results in the Hello app, and in your Evernote notebooks. You can also opt to have the new details saved to your actual contacts.

There’s a lot more. Hello Connect lets a bunch of people all launch Hello and share their details via a series of musical ones. Think of a group nerd-orgy accompanied by the signature jingle from the Close Encounters movie and you’re there.

The best part? Evernote Hello is free. I just downloaded it. Now I have to actually leave my cave and meet some people to test it.

Source: Evernote Blog