Kanex Box Adds Three USB Ports And Ethernet Port To MacBooks Air And Pro



Kanex’s new DualRole will be pretty much essential for hotel-hopping MacBook Air owners the world over. It’s a little pocket-sized box which hooks up to the MacBook’s USB 3.0 port and turns it into three ports plus an Ethernet jack.

Yes, it costs $70, but you can expense that, right?


The DualRole can also be used with an external power adapter to provide more juice to those USB ports. Either way, what you have is convenience in a (tiny) box; a way to hook up and sync all your iDevices as well as businessy travel things like scanners.

And because hotel internet connections suck, there’s Ethernet. When the Cult of Mac team went off to Vegas earlier this month, the hotel we stayed in forced us to pay for our wireless connections per device.

Much better would have been a wired connection which we could have paid for and then shared to all our other devices via a Mac. Yes, you can use an Airport Express for these duties, but the Kanex box also has that USB 3.0 hub, remember?

The box should be available any time now. And if the link below doesn’t work for you right away, its because the site isn’t live quite yet – something to do with either Kanex or me not understanding the meaning of the word “embargo.”

Source: Kanex

Thanks: Karen!