Numark Wants To Sell Half A Headphone To DJs



True story: Back when I was a university student, there was a local DJ called DJ Crap. He actually was pretty crappy, but nobody really cared, because DJ Crap had a signature gimmick: He used an old-style telephone handset to cue up his records. Come to think of it, this might be why his mixes never matched…

Now Numark will sell you a modern version of the same thing. It’s called the Redphone, and DJ Crap would love it.

You know how DJs always stand with their heads cocked over to hold just one side of their headphones to their ear – as if their stupid music wasn’t loud enough to hear through a mere foam and plastic pad. Anyhow, the Redphone is a single headphone with a handle that can be used to either hold it, or to hook it ‘twixt chin and shoulder.

The end has an XLR socket for attaching a three-foot curly eighth-inch jack cable, and it has the following specs:

Sensitivity: 100 +/- 3dB
Impedance: 24 ohm
Frequency response: 10Hz – 22KHz
Max. input power: 3000 mW

The price? $70.

Source: Numark

Via: Uncrate

  • simonbangs

    Sorry but this article is not a fair representation of this product.

    If you’ve ever seen a professional DJ at work, you’ve probably seen them holding a pair of headphones to one ear to monitor the audio and cue up tracks. That’s part of the reason professional headphones can swivel one cup outward, but it’s not the most comfortable way to quickly check on the music.

    DJ’s need this to make sure that they keep the music at the same level and don’t deafen you.

  • RyanTV

    I’ve been DJing for 15 years. I personally don’t use a “Stick Headphone” as they are known, but they are quite popular in Europe.

    Again, I have absolutely no interest in purchasing this product, I much prefer a standard set of DJ headphones, but it is quite obvious that the author knows nothing about the DJ trade. This product is nothing new and DJs have been coming up with their own custom solutions for the stick headphone for years. Numark is just filling a gap.

  • DrinkTea

    Wow, Charlie Sorrel, the author of the article, has absolutely no clue about what he is talking.

    Charlie, you definitely don’t know nothing about how deejaying works – you made that very clear in your article. Also, you didn’t do your homework as a journalist (if one can even call you that) and check if this or similar products already exist (they do since years and years).
    And you seem to hold a grudge, or why would you call a deejays music “stupid”? This is insulting to millions of deejays around the world.

    Maybe you should leave your iCave from time to time.

  • Lee Hammond

    A bigger market than DJs might be people with hearing in one ear. There is a condition called acoustic neuroma, where a tumor grows around the cranial nerve that connects the ear to the brain. Surgery to remove this can often damage the hearing. No one else offers a one-ear headphone and people with this condition are often very sensitive to extraneous, non-music noise, as they don’t have the directionality that stereo hearing gives us.

  • Lee Hammond

    Then again, this design sucks. Why not clip it over the head, like an old-school phone headset, to allow hands-free operation?

  • RedWhiteAndJew

    What a surprise. Another idiotic, immature, uninciteful, and largely irrelevant article from Charlie Sorrel. The ONLY reason I can see my CoM keeps this pompous windbag around is for page views since his articles are so insanely ignorant, as is the man himself, they get reposted out of shock value.

    I would rather defecate razor blades than read another of this guys articles. Why do I even comment, you say? I think CoM’s editors need to know that drivel like this will not be tolerated by an intelligent and open-minded audience. Pathetic.