Check Out This Insanely Tiny Detail Apple Added To The iOS 6.1 Lockscreen


Notice the slight difference in the light reflection between the Pause button and Volume slider?

Apple is famous for its attention to detail and making the smallest tweaks to hardware and software most people wouldn’t even notice. It’s kind of silly to get excited about tiny animation details in iOS, but to us, they’re a sign that Apple really cares about its products.

Along with the new lockscreen music controls for iOS 6.1, Apple added some new light reflection details on the lockscreen as well.  Now, instead of the music player bar being a flat surface, there is a small amount of light reflecting between the Pause button and Volume slider that moves as you tilt your device. Apple added a similar light feature to the volume slider knobs in iOS 6.0, so and it looks like it’s slowly creeping its way through the rest of iOS.

Here’s a video of the tiny feature in action:

You can see this little detail in a few other areas of iOS like the music player itself. It’s not at all helpful in any way, but it looks cool.

Have you found any other little changes to iOS that we haven’t mentioned? Let us hear about them in the comments.


Thanks: Finin