Why Were 127 iPhones Run Over By This Russian Excavator? [Video]


A mass graves for (fake) iPhones.

If you’re an iPhone lover, this video of an excavator destroying one hundred and twenty-seven iPhones underneath its treads is sure to stand your hair on end. It’s like watching a bulldozer dig a mass grave.

Don’t worry, though: these aren’t real iPhones, convincing as they might seem. They’re merely convincing replicants.

The real story behind this video is that earlier this year, authorities in Russia’s Amur region arrested a Chinese man who had snuck over the border with 127 convincing fakes of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

If sold as real iPhones on the open market, the fake Chinese iPhones would have gone for as much as $36,500. So authorities fined the man $65, then confiscated the fake iPhones and, in the presence of witnesses and representatives of the court, crushed them beneath an excavator’s treads then burned the debris in an incinerator.

Source: English Russia