Magnetic Paperweight Wrangles Cables. Cuts Clutter



Here’s a great idea: put this magnetic paperweight on your desk and enjoy the relaxed tranquility of knowing that your cables will never fall to the floor again.

Or try this even better idea: go grab the super-strong rare-earth magnet from one of your disused iPad cases (or even its over-engineered packaging) and tape it to the edge of your desk. Voila! (or wa-la! or viola! as forum-posting morons like to say) – you have your own free cable tidy. And better yet it won’t actually untidy your desk by cluttering up its surface.

To be fair, the MOS probably is a lot cleaner-looking than the magnet I just stuck to the side of my desk with a torn fragment of dirty masking tape, but it is also infinitely more expensive, at $20 (my setup cost $0). And my DIY solution doesn’t have a micro-suction base or come with three magnetic cable ties for non-magnet-loving cables.

Source: Magnetic Organization System/Amazon

Via: Andrew Liszewski

  • craigburdett

    Want a crazy-strong magnet? Disassemble an old (dead) hard drive (but don’t break the discs). The mechanism the drive arms attach to has a pair of super-powerful magnets with little screw holes in them: perfect for mounting. I’ve had one hanging on the side of my desk for a couple of years for exactly this purpose.

    We also screwed one to the inside of a kitchen cabinet door (short screws) to sandwich our grocery list and little things like reminder notes from the veterinarian. Keeps a bunch of paper off the refrigerator but easily accessible.

  • FriarNurgle

    You obviously do not have a cat.

  • The_Network

    i’ll take one of those.

  • Bob Smogango

    You obviously do not have a cat.

    Well, you can always get rid of the cat…..

  • Dynamitejet

    Or “Voilà!” even…