Wireless SD Card Has Actual Physical On-Off Switch. — Seriously



I have a hate/hate relationship wireless SD cards. Hate because they never quite seem to work when I really need them to, and hate because they promise so much, and then they crash my damn camera. Again. Wait, I have another one: They also kill the battery.

The new ezSh@re from world-famous manufacturer 1 LZeal mightn’t do anything about the first two, but it can fix that last one.

The wireless SD card selection seems to be expanding just as digicams gain native Wi-Fi support, and phone cameras get good enough not to even need a compact camera at all.

Still, LZeal’s card has one neat feature – a physical on/off switch, which will let you save the battery just by popping open the camera’s SD card hatch and sliding the switch.

Operational details are sparse, but an HTTP server suggests that you will be able to connect via an iOS browser or an app like ShutterSnitch. Specs are, however, readily available, and include an 802.11 b/g/n radio, RAW and movie support and sizes up to 32GB.

Source: Digital Photography Review

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