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Anything After

Are you the kind of person who jumps up at the end of a movie, skipping the credits to get to the parking lot (or restroom – thanks, giant soda tub) before everyone else? If so, you’ve probably missed some pretty neat after credit experiences, called stingers. These are extra little bits of movie, teasers, or even bloopers, that are shown after the credits roll to reward the die-hard movie goers for their patience. The recent run of Marvel movies, for example, all teased the eventual Avengers movie at the end of Captain America, The Hulk, and Iron Man. If you left early, you’d have missed it.

Luckily, now, there’s an app to make sure you never do, and, conversely, you don’t sit around for an entire credit roll for no reason.

Called Anything After, the app lists current release movies and whether they have a post-credit stinger that’s worth waiting for. The app uses crowd-sourced information to gather intel from movies out in theaters. When you log into the app with Facebook, you can add to the body of knowledge of these stingers with a simple “Yeah,” or “Nope,” and help others using the app know when to stay put and when to jet to the lobby.

Give this free, universal app a try, and let us know what you think in the comments below. Together, we’re better!

Get your full money’s worth at the movies by not missing any extra footage!
✔ Quickly find out if there’s a post-credits scene (stinger) after the movie – without having to wait – right on your phone!
✔ See if it’s actually worth the wait.
✔ Beat the traffic and the long line at the restroom, especially if you know there’s nothing you might miss during or after the credits ~ your bladder will thank you after that extra large drink.

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  • mattacosta

    After Flick was designed before this app and has history in the AppStore , and hasn’t been featured… Why not? This app is a blatant rip off After Flick

  • Anything_After

    Thanks Rob and Cult of Mac for the feature. You and the team are awesome, we’re huge fans and we greatly appreciate it. We were really excited when we saw the article!

    @mattacosta (re: After Flick) Sorry to hear the app hasn’t been featured; however, to state that our app is a “blatant rip off” is a bit unfair and really uncool. Sure, general concept and purpose are similar, but it’s all about execution. (We purposefully conceptualized, designed and developed the app before looking into “competitors,” in order to combat any possible mimicry.) As one continues to create products/apps/etc., they inevitably come to the realization that there’s nothing new under the sun and there’s competition everywhere. It’s all about creating the best product possible for the consumer. ~ If you’re part of that app’s team, we wish you and your app the best – especially in the vastly competitive marketplace that is the app store. Nevertheless, the next time you see a competing app getting featured, please don’t attempt to hijack the post by linking to your app in the comments. (If you have a question, email the author directly.)

    Anyways, thanks again, Cult of Mac! And, Rob, the next time I make it up to Anchorage, the first round’s on me.