Noteflight Aims To Be The Google Docs Of Sheet Music [NAMM 2013]



By Andy Patrizio

Every creative person knows that inspiration can come at inopportune moments. So what if you don’t have an instrument or sheet music handy when a great song pops into your head?

NoteFlight is a service that will give you access to sheet music any time and on any device. Company reps say they aim to be “the Google Docs of sheet music” in that regard.

It’s an HTML5-based app – of course being shown off on iPads, iPhones and Macs – that lets you view, compose, edit and annotate sheet music. There’s no software to install since it’s all done in the browser. Every score has its own HTML page and is stored in a secure server.

You can compose right on screen, adding effects like sharps and flats and key/time changes. You can also sync sheet music to an audio recording, so musicians can follow along with the music by both eye and ear.

Noteflight is up and running now.