Griffin’s Decomposable iCases Made From Hemp, Wool And Cotton



Griffin has finally admitted to itself that no matter how good an iPad or MacBook case it makes, you are – eventually – going to toss it away. So the Paper Nomad is designed to decompose gracefully, kind of like the opposite of every aging Hollywood star, ever.

Each sleeve is made in Europe of an advanced patent-pending composite of paper, viscose fiber and biopolymer. […] All other materials used are compostable and organic, such as the cotton stitching, hemp pull strap, and signature wool lining provided by happy sheep from New Zealand.

Hemp, wool and cotton, ingredients which – if paired with a vegan salad – are enough to keep even the smelliest of hippies happy.

Papernomad sleeves will be available for the iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 4 & 5, MacBook Air and a bunch of Samsung devices, running from $40 to $70.

Source: Griffin Technology

  • joewaylo

    Hemp? Isn’t that illegal in California?