Bad Elf Dongle Adds GPS To Non-Cellular iDevices



Neat. This $99 dongle adds GPS to your Wi-Fi-only iDevices.

Bad Elf is the first Apple approved, direct connect GPS accessory for the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. The Bad Elf delivers high performance location awareness through a 66 Channel, 10 Hz capable, WAAS compatible (SBAS/EGNOS/MSAS) GPS receiver.

The Bad Elf GPS feeds latitude, longitude, altitude, heading, speed and universal time into Apple’s Core Location Services for any GPS enabled app to use. By plugging into the Apple 30-pin dock connector found on the iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad, the Bad Elf GPS quickly extends the usability of GPS enabled apps that need accurate GPS data. The Bad Elf GPS does not rely on cell tower-assisted GPS to achieve a lock or determine position.

Source: [Drive n GPS](