Reuse An Old Cassette Case For A Retro-Fun iPhone Dock [Image]


DIY Style, Retro looks, and budget conscious.
DIY Style, Retro looks, and budget conscious.

Those of us over a certain age (ahem) remember the days, after the LP and the 8-track, but before the CD, when cassette tapes were all the rage. I belonged to a couple of different tape clubs back in the day, and still have quite a few of these bad boys in a case under my house, somewhere.

More to the point, I could easily grab a couple of them, and leave them at my desk at work, my desk at home, on the kitchen table, and maybe even one by the stove to prop up my iPhone when I’m at those places, because it would keep it from lying on the counter or desktop, waiting to have stuff dropped on it. Plus, it holds the iPhone at an easy reading angle, for recipes, or for monitoring Twitter while working.

All in all, this is a super cool idea, and a great way to reduce and reuse stuff I probably already have.

What about you? Does this seem like something you’d do? Is it a bit too hipster? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Reddit

  • Chipper

    I think this is great! I work from multiple offices and this would be a cheap way of having a dock at each location. I was just looking at my pile of old cassettes the other day and wondering what to do with them (my 11yo asked what they were!) when we got the book list for my 14yo son and they requested a blank cassette! Obviously someone is still using them and refusing to move into the digital age.

  • Daniel Hertlein

    It should be noted that those are MiniDV cases, that only a relatively tiny handful of budding auteurs who were into budget filmmaking between 2000 and 2006 would have access to, not the audio cassette cases that everyone has lying around someplace.
    Although now I’m curious about whether you could use an audio case for landscape and these for portrait.

  • joewaylo

    My idea of it:
    – Take a cassette tape
    – Use a drill with a plastic safe cutting bit
    – Cut the plastic in 1/4″ Width x 1 1/4″ Length to fit a 30-Pin connector without cracking the plastic. I doubt the lightning will fit given the lightning connector is 1 inch in height.
    – Make 50,000 of them
    – Kickstarter the project