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The Son Of An Apple Senior Executive Is Working On Mailbox For iPhone


Like father, like son.
Like father, like son.

What do you get when you combine a highly anticipated iPhone app with a fascinating link to a senior executive at the most valuable company on earth? You get Mailbox and Adam Cue, a software engineer working on the hyped email app that’s going public soon. Cue works at Orchestra, the app development company behind Mailbox. You may recognize Adam’s last name because it also happens to be the last name of Eddy Cue, a longtime Apple senior executive who now oversees all of the company’s internet services, including email.

While this doesn’t mean that Apple will acquire Orchestra’s Mailbox app, it’s interesting to note the connection between the two companies.

Adam Cue’s LinkedIn profile shows that he is graduating from Duke University this year with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. That would make sense, considering Duke is Eddy Cue’s alma mater.

“I’m looking to apply my technical expertise and knowledge of the economics of business to make great products that enhance the human experience,” says Adam on LinkedIn. “Ideally, I’d work in all facets of the software design process in either the mobile software or web application industry.” Sounds like he’d be perfect for Apple.

At the time Business Insider spotted Adam’s connection to Apple, his Facebook profile had Eddy Cue listed as his father. That little factoid has since been removed. The resemblance between Adam and his dad is striking.

Before working at Orchestra, Adam worked as a contracted developer for FanSnap, a ticket search service. Adam has been at Orchestra since May 2011.

Here’s a video of Mailbox for iPhone:

Doesn’t that look like something you would want baked right into iOS? Take note, Dad!

Source: LinkedIn

Via: Business Insider