An Apple Maps Glitch Has Cost This Restaurant $50,000



Apple Maps has been the butt of an exhausting number of bad jokes. People in Australia have been stranded in the outback thanks to Scott Forstall’s mishap.

For most of us, glitches in Apple Maps are just a minor inconvenience and you can just switch over to Google Maps when you have a problem. But for one restaurant in Portland, Oregon, Apple Maps has cost them about $50,000 worth of business since it was released in September.

Metrovino is a small wine bar and restaurant in the upscale Pearl District of Portland. Without fail, the bar receives five or six calls a day asking where they’re located because Apple Maps keeps guiding would-be patrons to Southwest Portland a few miles away.

The bar owner, Todd Steele, says they’re probably losing between $500 to $1000 a night, totaling around $50,000 since Apple Maps made its debut last year. They’ve tried to get the glitch fixed by reporting it to Apple but nothing’s changed. Steele’s mom even marched down to Apple headquarters in Cupertino, CA, demanding answers but was quickly turned away.

We want to say that everything’s going to get better really soon now that Mr. Fixit, Eddy Cue, is on the case. Part of the problem with Apple Maps has been that bug reporting has been pretty bad. Apple’s requested users to send in bug reports, but if no one’s listening it’s impossible to be optimistic.


Source: KATU