PlugBug World Is The Handiest Travel Charger, Like, Ever



Oh man. I know I get a little too excited about device chargers, but the brand new PlugBug World from Twelve South will get even the most anti-gadget of you fired up. It’s a new version of the already clever universal charger, only now it also works anywhere in the world (making it global as well as universal? I don’t know).

The PlugBug, you will remember, is a red adapter that clips onto your MacBook’s power brick where the simple prong connector usually sits. Once fitted, it adds a USB port, letting you charge an iPhone or iPad (it has a 2.1-Amp output) from the same socket as your Mac.

This new version adds international adapters so you can use it in Europe, the UK, Japan, China and more – pretty much the same range you’d get with Apple’s own international charger kit. But wait: there’s more. The PlugBug also comes with its own bottom section, which will let it work as a standalone iPad charger even without the host MacBrick. Neat, huh?

If you are only carrying iDevices, the extra bulk of the PlugBug over the regular iPad charger might put you off, but if you still carry a laptop computer when you travel (like some kind of caveman) then there are probably very few better ways to spend the $45 asking price.

Available now.

Source: Twelve South