Chrome Niko Camera Bag For Cyclists



Curious (and completely unresearched) fact: Bike geeks are often photography nerds, too. And so it makes perfect sense that Chrome — the messenger bag company — should put out a camera bag. So if you have been looking for an overprotective, heavy camera backpack with a U-Lock holster, the Niko Camera Pack could be for you.

This 3.4 pound behemoth will swallow not only your DSLR body and a couple of lenses, it’ll also take a 15-inch MacBook Pro and a handful of accessories.

The outer is made from heavy nylon, and the inside is lined with Chrome’s trademark heavyweight (literally) truck tarp. This not only keeps the rain out, but also keeps you fit.

My camera kit fits in my front jeans pocket these days, and I often lose my spare three-lens kit in the bottom of my bag, so I have no need for a backpack which weighs as much as a small newborn baby. But if you need the protection – and the U-lock holster – then you will pay just $180, which is a bargain for Chrome gear.

Source: Chrome Industries