All Apps Should Have This Super-Smart 1Password Shortcut


1358943557.jpg might be quickly turning into the recumbent bicycle of internet services, frequented only by anorak-wearing beardoes, but a new ADN client has a feature so neat that it should be included in any app which logs into a third-party service.

It’s called Riposte, and when you log in for the first time, it has a button that will send you straight off to 1Password.

1Password is one of the iOS essentials. It’s a password manager which syncs with a Mac version, and it frees you up from remembering long, strong passwords ever again (it also does a lot more, but you should go check it out to read about all that).

It also supports URL schemes, which let other apps pass it information directly. When you tap the button in Riposte, it launches 1Password and populates the search field with All you have to do is tap “copy,” four-finger-swipe back to Riposte and hit “paste.” It really couldn’t get much easier. (Well, apart from launching to the ADN authorization page, I guess.)

I have no idea whether the app itself is any good, and unless my beard slips from my face down to my neck, I probably never will. But I totally support other apps copying this great feature.


Via: Shawn Blanc

  • Whodakat

    This would be great. I love how 1Password on my mac has a short cut that pastes in my username and password… iOS needs something like that! Of course finger print ID built into my home button would be the best! Have it tie to a keychain type program on iOS!

  • DeandreJ

    I personally use SplashData’s SplashID Safe and I quite enjoy the pattern master lock concept – almost near to fingerprint verification. It is very convenient to use especially with the need to frequently unlock the software on the device for added security.