MacBook Pro Named “Best Of 2009”



Popular Science has published its Best of What’s New 2009 list, with Apple a winner in the Computing category.

The MacBook Pro’s mention in the list is entirely about its battery life, and doesn’t mention any of the other good reasons for owning one (display quality, unibody design, computing value-for-money).

The MacBook Pro is the only notebook, and one of only two computers that appear in this category (the other is the ingenious Sheevaplug). Other winners include Google Wave, Wolfram Alpha, and, um, Windows 7.

Over in the Gadgets category, those of you expecting to see an iPhone 3GS or one of the new Nanos will be disappointed. The Palm Pre, the Zune HD and Android OS all get a mention, but there’s no iPhone love; not since the first iPhone won the Gadgets category back in 2007. Was it really that long ago?