21.5-Inch iMac’s Shipping Times Slip To 2-3 Weeks



The shipping delay for the 21.5-inch iMac increased today to 2-3 weeks on the U.S. Apple Online Store. Prior to this, the new all-in-one was shipping in 7-10 days, and that had been the case since early December. Now new customers will have to wait until at least mid-February for their machine to turn up at their door.

The new delay indicates Apple is still tackling its production issues with the new iMac, which first went on sale in late November. Tim Cook had warned that the desktop would be significantly constrained during the first few months, and that’s been the case since day one. The issue is believed to be with the machine’s new display, which employs a new lamination process that makes its production more complex.

The 2-3 week delay first started to appear on Apple’s European websites on Monday night, but the delay hit the U.S. earlier today.

Cook is expected to provide us with an update on these shortages during Apple’s earnings call tomorrow. Shipping times for the 27-inch iMac are currently at 3-4 weeks.

Source: Apple

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