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Never Dine Alone Again With The Anti-Loneliness Bowl



This is the Anti-Loneliness Bowl, and it is designed to hold your iPhone close so that you need never experience a single second of solitude, even while slurping down some cheap noodles.

The concept design is smarter than it initially looks – no small achievement, as it looks pretty amazing. When not filled with food, the bowl works as a passive speaker to amplify your iPhone’s sound.

But it’s in full mealtime action that the bowl really impresses. The obvious use-case is to FaceTime a loved one as you eat, but then again, the camera angle is less than flattering, so your poor FaceTimee will have to stare at your mouth-hole as you shovel in the ramen.

A better use is as a breakfast newsreader: prop the iPhone up, launch Mr. Reader and fill the bowl with cornflakes.

The whole idea is crazy, of course – who needs a bowl to prop up their iPhone as they dine? And as my recent in-the-field experiments in San Francisco have proved, the iPad mini is the ultimate dining-in-a-restaurant-alone device.

Still, I’d buy one in a second if they ever actually make it to market.

Source: MisoSoupDesign

Via: Andrew Liszewski