TabMount Mounts Tablets On Tripods [Kickstarter]



What could possibly be dorkier than taking photos with your iPad? Taking those same photos with your iPad on a tripod, that’s what. So if you’re wearing a polo shirt and chinos, and have a phone holster on your belt, then this is for you: The iStabilizer tabMount.

As it’s name suggests, the tabMount works with any tablet. It’s a sprung jaw, much like that smaller iStabilizer mount for phones, which opens to the size of your device and bites down. I like this method quite a lot as it is fast and stable, and doesn’t require that you carry yet another iPad case, just for photos. In fact, it’ll work just fine with the case you already use.

The companion to the tabMount is a Gorillapod-like, flexi-legged tripod, although you can just use the full-sized tripod you already own, for maximum dork points. Prices? $25 will get you a tabMount, and $35 the tabFlex (the mount and tripod together). And if you pitch in to the Kickstarter campaign, you can get $5 off each of those prices.

Which brings me on to a short rant. Have you noticed how established companies are using Kickstarter as a way to publicize products they’re going to make anyway? The whole point of crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter is to help people with great ideas get those ideas made, not as a cheap PR boost for already-established manufacturers.

Source: Kickstarter

Thanks: Brad!