iLID Claims To Be The Slimmest iPhone Wallet Yet



This is the iLID, billed as “The World’s Thinnest iPhone Wallet.” And that may well be true. What we know for sure about the iLID is that it’s a plastic case with a teeny, tiny chamber on the back for stowing cash, cards and keys.

The design seems to be good, with a snap-shut door covering a space designed to hold the minimum of payment equipment: a clip for a card, space for some cash and a little section in which a key can rattle annoyingly.

And all this for just $40.

I guess that if – like our own phone wallet aficionado Killian Bell – you are a fan of such things, then you may love the iLID. I remain unconvinced, preferring to keep my iPhone in my front jeans pocket and my wallet in my bag. Plus, I use cash, so I really need somewhere to put coins and bills.

The iLID is available now, with an iPhone 5 version on the way.

Source: iLid

Via: The Unofficial Apple Weblog

  • joewaylo

    I’ll stick with just putting cash in there. There’s risks to putting a card or cards in there like it gets stolen along with your iPhone.

  • FriarNurgle

    Picked up a BookBook (offbrand) wallet case before the holidays on the cheap. Been pleased with it. Nice being able to consolidate your wallet and phone. Makes you really cut down on the amount of cards you carry though.

  • rsorbo

    I’ve been waiting for any updates on the iLid case for the iPhone 5 for months, but gave up.
    I just received the Arctic Wallet Stand and I’m liking it. Not too bulky, but protects the iPhone and holds 3 cards and cash.
    I’ve also funded the SAFE Wallet on Kickstarter. Seems well thought out and holds even more.
    Combining these cases with an app like Key Ring makes it much easier to forgo a wallet I’ve found.

  • beharrys

    How do you define SLIMMEST ? Vaultskin also claim their wallet case is the slimmest iPhone wallet case on the market! I read on one review that Vaultskin is the only one which holds up to 8 cards/cash.