This Prototype iPhone Dongle Blends The Magic of Kinect and the Wii — But The Best Is Yet to Come



We caught wind of the Mauz iPhone dongle from Spicebox last week during CES, and promised you a closer look; here it is. You’ll remember that the dongle connects to your Mac over wifi and lets you control it from your iPhone in three unusual ways: by flicking your iPhone, waving your hand over it or making a 3D-model on your Mac mimic the movements of your iPhone in real space.

If you think that’s cool, Spicebox co-founder Gilad Meiri says they’re working on something even more awe-inspiring that they might reveal at Macworld at the end of this month — something straight out of the movies.

The Mauz dongle is up on Kickstarter now, but they’ve got a long way to go; only $13,000 of their $150,000 goal is currently funded.