Samsung Bashes iPhone’s Business Abilities In New Galaxy Commercial [Video]



Apple has made the iPhone more enterprise-friendly with almost every release of iOS, but some might say the company’s popular smartphone still isn’t ideal for business. When I say “some,” I mean Samsung. The Korean company just released a strange new advert to promote the enterprise features of its Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, and it couldn’t help but bash the iPhone and even BlackBerry devices at the same time.

The clip first aired during the NFC championship game on Monday night, according to Business Insider. While it aims to promote the enterprise features of two of its most popular smartphones, it actually leaves us scratching our heads.

It certainly demonstrates some great business features — like secure encryption, S Beam, and multi-window — but it also tries too hard to be funny, and there’s too many mentions of a unicorn apocalypse. What’s more, Samsung can’t help but poke fun at the BlackBerry and the iPhone, which aren’t as good for business, apparently.

Check out the ad below.

Source: YouTube

Via: Business Insider

  • Daniel09DD

    It’s impressive how Samsung ads attack other companies, not just apple… It might be the next big thing for business, but I don’t care how big it is. I actually want the next best thing for business.