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This Week’s Must-Have iOS Games: Temple Run 2, Momonga Pinball Adventures, Infestor [Roundup]


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Temple Run 2 gets this week’s must-have games roundup up and running (see what I did there?). It’s accompanied by a unique pinball game that features the cutest flying squirrel you’ve ever seen, an awesome new platformer from Ravenous Games, and a title that originally made its debut on the Apple II all those years ago.

Temple Run 2 — Universal (Free)

Temple Run 2 offers a number of improvements that are sure to delight the millions of gamers addicted to the title, including “beautiful new graphics” and “gorgeous new organic environments.” It also introduces new obstacles, more power-ups and achievements, and four characters each with special powers.

The basics of the game, however, remain the same — you still control a character who’s running for their life by using various swipe and tilt gestures. What didn’t need changing or improving has been left well alone, so at heart, this is still the endless runner we’ve all grown to love.

Momonga Pinball Adventures — Universal ($0.99)

Momonga is a unique pinball game in which you join Momo, a cute flying squirrel, on an epic adventure to save his tribe. A band of evil owls have turned the Momonga village to ashes and kidnapped all of its inhabitants. Momo barely survived the attack, and now it’s up to him to save his neighbors.

Yes, this is a pinball game. Momo curls into a little ball and rolls around, smashing the enemies that get in his path. There are 9 levels to play through, with 45 challenges to collect, plus one epic boss battle.

Infestor — Universal ($0.99)

Infestor is an awesome little puzzle platformer created by the award-winning studio Ravenous Games, which is also responsible for titles like Beatdown!, Burger Cat, League of Evil, and Random Heroes. In this game, you play the Infestor, a strange green monster, who must reach the exit in each level by taking over the the enemies and controlling their bodies.

The tricky bit is that each “human” has a special ability, which you’ll need to take advantage of to overcome all sorts of obstacles. There are 60 levels to enjoy, plus a whole host of Game Center achievements to collect.

Lode Runner Classic — iPhone ($2.99)

Remember Lode Runner for the Apple II ? It’s back and better than ever before on iOS. Lode Runner Classic combines all 150 levels from the original title with new visuals and features that are specifically optimized for the iPhone. You can magnify the screen around your character to get a closer look at the things around, set the play speed, and compete on worldwide leaderboards.

For those who aren’t familiar with Lode Runner, it’s a terrific little platform game that takes place in maze-like static levels, where the player must dodge enemies while running and climbing to reach stacks of gold. Unlike other platform games, jumping is not allowed, and although you get a gun, shooting enemies is forbidden. You can blast through objects to get to where you need to go, however.

What’s Your Favorite?

So that concludes our list of this week’s must-have iOS games. If you’ve picked up something that you think we should have included, be sure to let us know about it in the comments.