Transfer Google Contacts To iCloud Simply And Easily [iOS Tips]


It's simple to export Google contacts to iCloud.
It's simple to export Google contacts to iCloud.
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Tired of welcoming our Google overlords? Have a free Gmail account, and just lose your contact sync via Exchange? Well, why not put your contacts over on iCloud for easy synchronization across all your Apple products? Makes sense to me.

Here’s how to do it.

Launch your favorite web browser, whether that’s Safari or Chrome or Firefox, and head to your Gmail contacts. Click on the More button above your contacts list, then choose Export. Click on The Group and then choose a group of contacts you’d like to export. You can also just export All Contacts, or Select a bunch of contacts before you hit the More button.

However you choose to do it, click on the vCard format down below and then hit the blue Export button. You’ll get a .vcf file download, and it will go wherever your downloaded files go.

Next, head over to and log in with your iTunes account. Click on the Contacts icon, then click that little gear icon in the lower left of your Contacts page. Choose Import vCard from the menu that pops up, navigate to the .vcf file you saved from above, and click the Open button. Boom — just like that, your contacts from Google will go to iCloud.

On your iOS device, tap the Settings app icon to launch it, then tap Contacts. Click on the iCloud account there, and make sure that the Contacts toggle is set to ON.

Now you can have a Google-free contacts experience, if that’s your thing.

Source: 148Apps