Multi-Service Contacts Aggregator, Brewster, Updates With Ability To Add iPhone Contacts


New year, new contacts app?
New year, new contacts app?

iOS contact aggregation app, Brewster, updated today and added a feature that might make you wonder why it wasn’t there in the first place: the contacts on your iPhone itself. While Brewster already pulled contact info from your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, LinkedIn profile, Gmail account, and Foursquare contacts, this is the first time its connected directly to the native iPhone contacts you carry around with you every day.

Those contacts, though, are really a mess. In a world where we know where we are via the magic of global positioning satellites, it’s kind of inexcusable that we haven’t really solved the chaos of our contact lists. Steve Greenwood, CEO of Brewster, told TechCrunch today, “We are now fixing your iPhone contacts,” even going as far as to call the address book Brewster’s biggest competitor.

Brewster merges all of the contacts from your social networks along with your iPhone contacts (with the latest update) to create personalized profiles to streamline your contacts. It also has some cool algorithms in the back end to bring info about your contacts to the surface, like birthdays, new jobs, and the like, as well as ones to help you find folks you haven’t connected to for a while.

Give Brewster a try, and let us know what you think. It seems like we all might benefit from a new way of connecting with folks, from our various social networks to our crufty old address books that may still be stuff carried over from the long ago.

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Via: TechCrunch