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See The Number Of Completed Tasks In Reminders [OS X Tips]


Completed Tasks

Here’s a fun little extra for those of you that use the Reminders app on OS X.

Sometimes you just like to feel a bit more accomplished, a bit more successful at your day. One of the cool things about keeping a list of things you need to remember to do is actually checking them off as you do so. Heck, on a particularly frustrating day, you might want to know how many things you’ve actually completed, right?

Using the Reminders app, this is fairly simple to do.

Launch Reminders, then click on a list or two in the left side panel. To select more than one Reminders list, simply hold the Command key down and click on as many lists as you like. Now, move your mouse cursor over the list or lists in the main panel to the right, and scroll up, using your mouse click wheel, or a two-fingered swipe on your trackpad.

A neat little number will show up at the top of all the lists, with a count of the number of things you actually managed to get done across all your lists. That’s fairly motivating, right?

So, next time you’re feeling down or unproductive, use this little scrolling trick to help “remind” yourself of how much you actually get done!

Via: Macworld Hints