Digisocial Mixes Snapshots, Audio, In A Bid To Build Yet Another Social Network


Those models sure are good looking and happy!
Those models sure are good looking and happy!

So, here’s an interesting new idea. Take a little bit of Instagram, with it’s ability to snap quick pictures and apply fun visual filters, and combine that with a push-to-record feature that lets you add audio commentary, music, whatever you like, to the picture itself. Digisocial aims to be the next big social thing, obviously, with a well-designed, free app that’s easy and fun to use.

The problem is, of course, a matter of scale.

Playing around with Digisocial today, I was able to take quick snapshots, applying real-time filters to the images as I went. I was prompted to record audio to go with the picture. It felt a little odd at first, but it does add some interesting possibilities. For example, when looking through the stream of other users’ photos, there were a bunch of images that included music, or funny captions, all using high quality audio.

Once an image is posted to the service, friends who are also on Digisocial can like it, add an audio comment, or type a text comment. The social interaction is up front and center here, which makes the idea that much more compelling. You can follow users on the service, which is free and can be connected with via Facebook.

Digisocial works really well, is easy to use, and offers enough of a twist on the familiar Instagram-type concept to be worth a free download. The main issue, for now, is that there aren’t a huge number of people using the app, as it just released to the App Store a few days ago. None of my Facebook friends were on the service, and while I can invite them all, I don’t want to spam each of them with an invite if I can help it.

∙ Combine photos & images with HD voice capture to provide the richest, most vivid sharing experience. Allow your moments to come to life.
∙ Apply various filters to your images and share easily with one-click sharing on Facebook and Twitter.
∙ Voice comment on your friends’ posts instantly and tell them what you think.
∙ Meet new friends and connect with old ones across all of your social circles.
∙ Share your content privately, with your friends or for the whole world to see.
∙ Create chat groups and stay in touch with your friends with Voice Instant Messaging (VIM), images and text anywhere in the world.
∙ Share and control your content in an Ad-Free environment.

Because the app is free, and the devs promise it always will be, and the privacy policies are clear, this could be a great competitor to other services out there. Check it out in the App Store, and send me some pictures with audio. Fun!

Source: App Store