Despite Drop In Stock Value, Most Analysts Are Bullish On AAPL [Report]


Heck of a jump there at the end, guys.
Heck of a jump there at the end, guys.

CNN Money polled 67 separate analysts, 39 pros and 28 indies, on their thoughts about Apple’s upcoming financial report, due on January 23rd. The consensus among them all is that Apple is most likely going to report the best quarter it has ever had. Ever.

The first quarter of fiscal year 2013 is, in fact one week less than that of Q1 of 2012, so the numbers, when released, will need to reflect that. The independent analysts, however, still believe that Apple will report earnings of $15.11 on sales of $58.84 billion, a year-over-year growth of 37 percent and 17 percent, respectively. The pros are predicting earnings of $13.45 on sales of $54.74 billion, representing growth of 27 percent and four percent, respectively. That’s pretty darn good in anyone’s opinion, and above even Apple’s own guidance.

Across all analysts surveyed, CNN Money says the median estimate is for earnings of $14.20 on sales of $55.96 billion (30 and 10 percent, respectively). This is in sharp contrast to the current decline of 27 percent in the stock price over the last three months. It’s interesting to note that even with this decline, both professional and independent analysts still predict year-over-year growth for the Cupertino-based company.

We’ll of course have to wait until January 23rd for the actual earnings meeting, when Apple releases its actual financial information to its stockholders. We’ll be sure to keep our eye on the results as they become available.

Source: CNN Money

  • SuperJunior

    What goes up, must come down.

  • Steven Quan

    AAPL has already seen down, look at their financials from 1998. It’s all up from here.

  • lwdesign1

    Fortunately the majority of these “analysts” seem to be paying attention to Apple’s actual sales, profits and popularity, and not the Wall Street Journal’s attempt to make up news. Imagine a tech world without Apple. Who would Samsung, HTC, Asus, HP, etc., etc. have to copy. We’d all be back in the horrible old days of crappy products and stagnation. Ever since the Apple II, Apple has lead the way with innovation after innovation that changes the direction of computing (desktops, laptops and tablets), music and telephony. Apple began the revolutions in each of these categories and everyone else fell in line behind them, most without licensing any patents or even acknowledging Apple’s breakthroughs. Will Apple come out with a TV that changes how and what we watch? Will they revolutionize yet another category? I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • RyanLochte14

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